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Hernia and Abdominal Wall Repair

Abdominal wall reconstruction: Get your life back after hernia, diastasis recti surgery

Reclaim your quality of life with abdominal wall reconstruction surgery. Say goodbye to pain, weakness, and self-confidence issues.

Abdominal Wall Hernia Surgery: Kathleen Pritchard

Kathleen Pritchard is a stay-at-home mom who loves to keep active with her four beautiful children. But there was a time she could not engage in any physical activities because of a complex abdominal wall hernia.

'Fixing Mommy': Abdominal wall hernia success story

When an abdominal wall hernia interfered with her life, Kathleen Pritchard turned to a UT Southwestern surgeon. Today, she's "unbroken again."

Abdominal Wall Hernia Surgery: Mark McCoy

After 5 months of pain and embarrassment, Mark McCoy was eager to resolve the hernia but his doctors proceeded cautiously, recognizing this was a difficult hernia to repair, with a high likelihood of complication.