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Jeffrey Kenkel, M.D.

Eye-catching options to rejuvenate your eyelids

Between masking and Zoom calls, more patients are flagging concerns about the appearance of puffy, sagging, or hooded eyelids. Explore options for eyelid rejuvenation in this week’s MedBlog.

3 body-contouring plastic surgery procedures to fight fat and loose skin

Love handles or loose skin can make it tough to feel confident among friends or colleagues. Find out how 3 body-contouring procedures help patients achieve the look and self-confidence they want and what they must do to have lasting results. Learn more.

BIA-ALCL: 5 questions and answers about a cancer linked to breast implants

BIA-ALCL is a lymphoproliferative disorder of the immune system that can affect women who have had certain kinds of breast implants. Get answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about this disease.

Look and feel young again with nonsurgical facial rejuvenation

Botox, fillers, and lasers are nonsurgical treatments that allow the face to look younger as men and women age. Learn why Jeffrey Kenkel, M.D., says these options are becoming so popular that many patients include these procedures in their monthly budgets.

Improve confidence and self-esteem with a mommy makeover

The mommy makeover is a combination of body contouring procedures often performed during the same surgery, leading to a single recovery and healing period that busy moms are increasingly finding desirable. Learn more.

Risks to consider before getting plastic surgery abroad

Considering plastic surgery abroad? The health and financial risks might not be worth it. Dr. Kenkel shares the risks and options for safer procedures.

The truth about breast implant-related cancer risk

A rare breast implant-related cancer was covered by the New York Times in spring 2017. Dr. Kenkel explains the symptoms and who is at risk.