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Jennifer Thibodeau, M.D.

It’s time to get heart failure patients the medications they need

Heart failure guidelines recommend four HFrEF medications, but most patients aren’t on the right drugs and doses. See the benefits and how we connect patients with life-improving care.

A fourth chance at life: Susan's remarkable heart transplant story

Before her 50th birthday, heart transplant recipient Susan Liang has survived more than her fair share of challenges. Read her remarkable story of how UT Southwestern gave her a "fourth chance at life."

Video visits offer high-quality heart failure care from the comfort of home

Video visits are an effective, high-quality alternative to in-clinic visits for patients with advanced heart failure. Find out what to expect and how remote care can benefit patients.

On Listening, Learning, and Identifying a New Heart Failure Symptom

Active listening is an essential part of being a great physician and is oftentimes the most important tool in the assessment of a patient.