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Julie Trivedi, M.D.

Flu, COVID, and RSV vaccines: Who should get them and when

Along with the annual flu shot, a new COVID booster and RSV vaccine are available this fall. Julie Trivedi, M.D., explains who might qualify for these vaccines and when they should get them.

Fighting 8 common flu myths with facts from our experts

8 infectious diseases experts from UT Southwestern deliver the facts about the flu and how to prevent it this season.

COVID-19 and flu: Navigating a potential ‘perfect storm’ this fall

In this year, which has been dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, experts are warning people to brace for a flu season like no other. UT Southwestern's infectious disease and pediatric specialists offer advice for staying safe and healthy this fall.

8 essential health screenings for chronic and seasonal conditions

Health screenings are often the first line of defense against chronic and seasonal illnesses, and physicians incorporate these vital tools to help uncover clues to everything from heart disease and diabetes to colon cancer and coronavirus. Learn about some of the most essential health screenings from one of UT Southwestern's infectious diseases experts.