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Kidney Cancer

Transplant reunion celebrates donors, survivors, and second chances

At the UT Southwestern transplant reunion, recipients and their families pay tribute to those who have sacrificed and given them the gift of life.

5 tips to find a living kidney or liver donor

Finding a living kidney or liver donor can be lifesaving. But asking for a gift that big is hard. Get tips, social media strategies, and conversation starters from an expert, Dr. Swee-Ling Levea.

New immunotherapy can prevent kidney cancer recurrence after surgery: Is it right for you?

The FDA has approved pembrolizumab immunotherapy, the first treatment to lower kidney cancer recurrence risk after surgery. UT Southwestern's Dr. Hans Hammers helps patients explore its benefits and risks.

Dual epidemics in Texas: Navigating kidney transplantation during COVID-19

Patients with kidney disease and living donors face new challenges in the wake of COVID-19. Get answers to pre- and post-transplant FAQs in this MedBlog.

Having a baby when you have kidney, heart, or cancer risks

Pregnancy is possible for many patients with kidney, heart, or cancer risks. See how maternal-fetal medicine experts help women achieve positive outcomes.

Precision medicine, immunotherapy drive largest single-year drop in cancer deaths

Cancer death rates have dropped nearly 30% since 1991, and more that 2% between 2016 and 2017 alone – the biggest one-year drop on record. The driver has been precision medicine, an approach that focuses on personalization and collaboration. Learn more now.

New immunotherapy drug combination is a significant advancement in kidney cancer therapy

A new immunotherapy drug combination has been dubbed a significant advancement in kidney cancer treatment. The combination of ipilimumab and nivolumab can improve outcomes and quality of life. Learn more.

The Team That's Doubling Cancer Survival Rates

Why kidney cancer doesn’t always need treatment

Not every kidney tumor needs treatment right away, if at all. Learn about active monitoring of early-stage kidney cancer and when we recommend it.