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Follow the clues to find hope for advanced heart failure

A diagnosis of advanced heart failure sounds ominous, but the key to managing the condition is detecting it early. Dr. Mark Drazner, Chief of Cardiology at UT Southwestern, shares six simple clues that can help patients recognize advanced heart failure so they get the specialized treatment they need.


‘Before my heart transplant, I was dying’: Gabriela’s story

When Gabriela received her heart transplant, she knew right away she wanted to meet her donor’s family. So she took a six-hour road trip from Fort Worth to Corpus Christi, and she wound up with a new best friend for life. Read her remarkable story now.


Heart Transplant Outcomes in Dallas: UT Southwestern Shines Brightly

Newly published comparative data on survival outcomes among the three heart transplant programs in Dallas give UT Southwestern cause to be proud. Learn more.

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Too few hearts to go around: How science can solve the organ donor dilemma

Nearly 4,000 people across the U.S. are waiting for a heart transplant, and there aren’t enough donor hearts to go around. Discover what the future of heart transplantation might hold and how Texans can help narrow the gap today


Reflecting on 28 Days of Heart Health

Take a look at how we celebrated 28 Days of Heart Health this February and use these videos, articles, and recipes to keep your heart healthy all year long.


Introducing 28 Days of Heart Health

February is Heart Month. Join Dr. Drazner and our team of heart experts for 28 Days of Heart Health.


Heart of the Matter: A Two-Sided Tale

Desperately ill heart patient Davy Hobson came to UT Southwestern for treatment on – of all days, Valentine’s Day – seemingly short on options. But his odds increased considerably when UTSW specialists took a creative approach to save his life while they awaited a heart for transplant.


Davy’s story: Getting creative to save a heart failure patient

Davy came to us with two medical devices implanted in his heart. With his life on the line, we gave him two more to save him.


A cardiology powerhouse – and now a community resource

Meet our Cardiology leaders and learn how they’re reaching out to physicians in the community to enhance referral access and become the go-to resource for specialized heart care.


Victories and tears: How the heart transplant team holds it together

The heart transplant journey is a long, emotional one – and not just for the patient. Dr. Drazner discusses how the process affects him and his team.