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Improving smiles with a new surgical technique to treat facial synkinesis

Discover a groundbreaking technique to transform smiles for patients with synkinesis, a painful condition that causes uneven smiling and involuntary scrunching.

Squinting? Headaches? How to spot and treat high myopia nearsightedness

Myopia (nearsightedness) can progress, which increases the risk of serious complications. Learn about treatments, and when not to worry about your child’s vision.

Advances in liposuction create safer, more effective body-contouring options

Liposuction was 2022’s most popular plastic surgery procedure, but misperceptions about the procedure persist. Get answers to FAQs from two board-certified plastic surgeons.

Achilles tendon injuries: Why do they take so long to heal?

The Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the body. It can take up to a year to recover from injury and regain its previous strength. Orthopaedic surgeon Dane Wukich, M.D., discusses tips to prevent the devastating sports injury and who is most at risk.

The true cost of discount plastic surgery

Traveling to get discounted plastic surgery may seem like a good idea, but the long-term risks and complications aren’t worth it. reputable surgeon.

‘Tech neck’ epidemic: How to treat the rise in chronic neck pain

Americans' reliance of smartphones and laptops has given rise to an epidemic of "tech neck." UT Southwestern spine specialist Kavita Trivedi, M.D., explains the epidemic and how to treat chronic neck pain.

Get a handle on arthritis pain with specialized wrist and hand treatments

An easy-to-understand introduction to hand and wrist arthritis, covering diagnosis, treatment, surgery, and recovery – from UT Southwestern's Purushottam Nagarkar, M.D.

Breast implant illness: Diagnosing and treating its many complex symptoms

Though breast implant illness is not a formal diagnosis, its symptoms are very real. Christine Stiles, M.D., and Abby Culver, M.D., discuss BII and common myths about the condition.

Laser resurfacing can rejuvenate your face and skin

Discover how laser skin resurfacing helps reduce the appearance of age-related skin conditions such as discoloration, wrinkles, and rosacea.

Solving the back pain puzzle, one spine area at a time

Back pain doesn’t always indicate a problem with the spine – it can start from a variety of sources. UT Southwestern specialists Drs. Carlos Bagley and Kavita Trivedi explore what can cause upper and lower back pain and how to find relief.

Biceps tendonitis: How arthroscopic surgery relieves shoulder pain, reduces scarring

Severe biceps tendonitis requires surgery – and Alison Cabrera, M.D., is one of few surgeons in the area offering a less invasive arthroscopic technique to repair the tendon and relieve shoulder pain.

Restoring hand function impaired by Dupuytren’s contracture

Dupuytren’s contracture is a treatable hand deformity that can impair dexterity. UT Southwestern's Dr. Shelby Lies discusses options to restore hand mobility and aesthetics.

Including families in pediatric IBD care improves patient outcomes

Gaith Semrin, M.D., discusses how the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center’s Pediatric Program helps families make more informed care decisions.

Diabetic foot ulcers: Surgery options to treat and prevent podiatric emergencies

For patients with diabetic foot ulcers, the UTSW Wound Care Clinic offers surgical options that can help promote faster healing and prevent future problems.

The art of ethnic rhinoplasty: A nose job that preserves your cultural identity

Ethnic rhinoplasty plastic surgeons are experts in refining the noses of people of color. Al Aly, M.D., discusses how we tailor procedures for each patient.