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Michael Khazzam, M.D.

What is an AC joint injury, and why is it so common in contact sports?

Separated shoulder, or AC joint injury, is the most common joint dislocation injury. Though healing takes time, it’s highly treatable – often without surgery.

Torn rotator cuff: Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment options

Losing sleep is the main reason people seek help for rotator cuff pain. In this MedBlog, Michael Khazzam, M.D., discusses noninvasive pain relief options and what to expect if you choose rotator cuff surgery.

AR in the OR: First augmented reality shoulder replacement surgery in Texas

In April, orthopaedic surgeon Michael Khazzam, M.D., performed the first augmented reality shoulder replacement surgery in Texas. Explore how the technology works and what patients can expect from this innovative approach.

Unraveling the mystery – and misery – of frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a mysterious, miserable condition we face as we age. When sleepless, painful nights began to affect Tim Rogers’ work as editor of D Magazine, he sought help from Michael Khazzam, M.D., and potentially cut his recovery time by 75%. Learn more.