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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Pain in the arm? Tips to heal biceps tendonitis without surgery

Discover how non-invasive treatments like physical therapy, injections, ice, and anti-inflammatory medications can help heal biceps tendonitis in 75% of cases plus learn practical tips for preventing injuries.

Making meditation work for you: A physician’s perspective

Meditation can help your physical and mental health, but it's not a practice that can be mastered overnight. Renee Enriquez, M.D. shares her story of 'meditation fails,' and how she now helps patients integrate it into their self care.

Personalized care for adults with cerebral palsy

Aging; Brain; Orthopaedic and Rehab

Countering aphasia with targeted speech-language rehab

Wendy Williams and Bruce Willis have both been diagnosed with aphasia, a brain condition that robs patients of speech and communication skills. Nneka Ifejika, M.D., M.P.H., a stroke expert, discusses treatment options to slow the progression of aphasia.

How Glen’s journey to getting a power wheelchair got much smoother

Wheelchair Seating and Mobility Clinic Director Anjali Shah, M.D., and patient Glen Denehie discuss 3 innovations that get our patients the right chair faster.

How proactive physical therapy can improve pregnancy and postpartum care

Physical therapy can help reduce or prevent pregnancy-related aches and pains, especially for patients with activity restrictions. See how UT Southwestern is ramping up our acute PT offerings for pregnant patients.

Twirl, interrupted: Ballroom dancer finds graceful way to overcome chronic back pain

Video: Kathleen Cunningham was a competitive ballroom dancer who was sidelined by acute back pain – until she went to UT Southwestern Spine Center for comprehensive care.

Transverse myelitis: When inflammation damages the spinal cord ‘wiring’

Benjamin Greenberg, M.D., is an internationally recognized expert in treating transverse myelitis, the rare autoimmune disorder of the central nervous system.

12 concussion myths debunked

Concussion awareness has come a long way, but amid the headlines and the incident involving Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa some basic facts about care for athletes who suffer a brain injury have gotten obscured.

Captain Indestructible: Dallas firefighter rises from the ashes and returns to job he loves

Dallas Fire-Rescue Capt. Chris Gadomski nearly died in a massive gas explosion in Oak Cliff in Sept. 2021. A year later, he returned to active duty.

How shockwave therapy helps heal sports and overuse injuries

Stubborn tendonitis or sports injury? See how ESWT – extracorporeal shockwave therapy – can cure chronic conditions such as plantar fasciitis without surgery.

Solving the back pain puzzle, one spine area at a time

Back pain doesn’t always indicate a problem with the spine – it can start from a variety of sources. UT Southwestern specialists Drs. Carlos Bagley and Kavita Trivedi explore what can cause upper and lower back pain and how to find relief.

New Intracept procedure provides lasting relief for chronic low-back pain

UT Southwestern is one of a few Metroplex centers to offer Intracept, a new outpatient procedure that relieves chronic lower back pain.

Get active with bite-sized ‘movement snacks’ throughout the day

No time to work out? Try “movement snacks”! Donald Kasitinon, M.D., a sports medicine physiatrist describes how daily, 5- to 10-minute activity bursts can help improve long-term health.

Ehlers-Danlos syndrome: Diagnosing and treating an ‘invisible’ disease

Two Ehlers-Danlos syndrome specialists – and one of their patients – discuss the life-changing impacts of getting an accurate diagnosis and treatment.