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Plastic Surgery

Improving smiles with a new surgical technique to treat facial synkinesis

Discover a groundbreaking technique to transform smiles for patients with synkinesis, a painful condition that causes uneven smiling and involuntary scrunching.

Melanoma is rare in Black patients, but soles of feet are hot spots, study shows

Melanoma is rare in Black patients, but when it happens, it often arises on the soles of the feet and palms of the hands – areas not often exposed to the sun. See our latest data in this week’s MedBlog.

How to treat ‘Ozempic face’ and other effects of significant weight loss

Loose facial skin is a common side effect of significant weight loss, and it’s treatable. Al Aly, M.D., discusses plastic surgery options to tighten skin on the face, neck, and body.

The true cost of discount plastic surgery

Traveling to get discounted plastic surgery may seem like a good idea, but the long-term risks and complications aren’t worth it. reputable surgeon.

Restoring sensation and function with peripheral nerve surgery

Damage to one of our 100s of peripheral nerves in the arms, legs, torso, or even face can cause neuropathy, pain, or paralysis. Jonathan Cheng, M.D., describes intricate surgeries that can restore function.

Get a handle on arthritis pain with specialized wrist and hand treatments

An easy-to-understand introduction to hand and wrist arthritis, covering diagnosis, treatment, surgery, and recovery – from UT Southwestern's Purushottam Nagarkar, M.D.

Microsurgery can help reduce the risk of lymphedema after breast cancer surgery

Discover how microsurgical procedures can help reduce the risk of lymphedema after cancer surgery and provide a new treatment option for patients.

How hand surgery restores dexterity for adults and children

Hand pain complicates simple activities. Plastic surgeon Jennifer Kargel, M.D., discusses treatments for common conditions, such as arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The art of ethnic rhinoplasty: A nose job that preserves your cultural identity

Ethnic rhinoplasty plastic surgeons are experts in refining the noses of people of color. Al Aly, M.D., discusses how we tailor procedures for each patient.

Mohs surgery team integrates skin cancer removal and reconstruction

Mohs micrographic surgery can be is a single-day procedure that combines skin cancer resection with precise reconstruction. Learn more from our elite surgical team.

Tailoring the dress or suit: The benefits of skin removal surgery after major weight loss

Living with loose, excess skin after bariatric surgery or massive weight loss interferes with self-confidence and quality of life. Dr. Al Aly is one of the pioneers in plastic surgery procedures that have given patients the body shape and look that reflects their new, healthier lifestyle.

Eye-catching options to rejuvenate your eyelids

Between masking and Zoom calls, more patients are flagging concerns about the appearance of puffy, sagging, or hooded eyelids. Explore options for eyelid rejuvenation in this week’s MedBlog.

Masks are essential; ‘maskne’ is not: How to avoid pandemic skin problems

Mask acne, or "maskne," has become an annoying side effect of COVID-19 and the need to wear a face covering. Masks are going to remain essential during the pandemic, so here are some simple and effective ways to prevent and treat maskne if it flares up on you.

Ready for your video call closeup? Simple ways to look and feel confident

COVID-19 has led to more self-scrutinizing during video chats. In this MedBlog, learn about simple procedures to refresh your look and confidence.

PRP for hair loss: Can it reverse baldness without surgery, pills, or creams?

Hair loss affects 80 million adults in the U.S. and is a major source of social and professional stress. But a new, natural treatment – PRP injections – can stop and even reverse hair loss. Learn more in this week’s MedBlog by Bardia Amirlak, M.D.