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Rina Mauricio, M.D.

Women shouldn’t ignore or minimize chest pain – or other heart attack symptoms

Women are less likely to get treatment for chest pains and heart attack symptoms than men. Rina Mauricio, M.D., explains why, and how female patients and providers can help fix the gender disparity in cardiology care.

Cardio-obstetrics: Improving care for pregnant patients with heart disease

Rina Mauricio, M.D., explains how UT Southwestern's expert cardio-obstetrics team collaborates to provide the best care for pregnant patients with heart conditions.

10 practical, daily tips to improve heart health

Reducing heart disease risk doesn’t require drastic changes. Rina Mauricio, M.D., shares realistic ways to build heart-healthy habits.

How to combat heart disease during pregnancy

Rina Mauricio, M.D., discusses risk factors that are increasing pregnancy-related heart attacks, and eating and exercise habits that can reduce the risk.