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Sports Elbow Injury

Pickleball injuries increasing along with sport's popularity

Pickleball is taking the U.S. by storm! It’s low-impact and generally safe. But no sport is 100% risk-free. Explore common injuries and get tips to reduce your risk.

UCL injuries on the rise, from Little League to the major leagues

Throwing injuries in the elbow are rising as more young athletes specialize in one sport year-round. See treatment options for UCL injuries, with and without surgery.

High school athletes' most common injuries – and how to avoid them

The head orthopedic trainer for TCU athletics shares his insights on young athletes' most common sports injuries – and how to avoid them.

Regenerative medicine: Do PRP and stem cell therapies help sports injuries heal faster?

Can PRP or stem cell therapies heal musculoskeletal conditions? Explore current and potential regenerative therapies in this week’s MedBlog.

Kids and sports: How specialization can lead to overuse injuries

Parents may worry kids will lose a competitive edge by not specializing in a sport early. Dr. Coyner talks about why playing multiple sports helps performance and health.