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Strength training may cause enlarged aortas in NFL linemen

NFL players maintain elite strength-training routines. Dr. Joshi explains why their workouts may put them at risk for heart problems after retirement.

The heart of a champion: Triathlon training with heart failure

A triathlon coach and competitor shares his story of staying active with heart failure.

Teen's Hunger for Life Resorted Thanks to Stomach Pacemaker

Sidelined by a mystery illness, a rising high school football player dropped 20 pounds and kept getting sick until having a first-of-its-kind surgery at UT Southwestern.

How high-altitude training can benefit elite endurance athletes like runners and swimmers

Altitude training gives elite runners and swimmers a competitive edge, but the “live high, train low” lifestyle may benefit anyone’s heart.

Can pre-competition ECG testing save young athletes’ lives?

Can we do more to prevent sudden cardiac death in student-athletes through ECGs? We examine this controversial question.

Kids and sports: How specialization can lead to overuse injuries

Parents may worry kids will lose a competitive edge by not specializing in a sport early. Dr. Coyner talks about why playing multiple sports helps performance and health.

When should a student-athlete see a doctor for a concussion?

It’s terrifying when a student-athlete gets a concussion. Usually, these kids recover fine. But when should an athlete see a doctor for concussion symptoms?

Long-term concussion symptoms: What’s my child’s risk?

The movie “Concussion” has many parents worried about the long-term effects of concussions. Should parents pull their kids out of sports? What’s the real risk?