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Your Pregnancy Matters

How to protect your baby from herpes infection

Strains of the herpes simplex virus are common in adults in the U.S., but herpes is devastating and often fatal to infected infants.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Worried about having a big baby? Four things to know about birth weight

Having a big baby can complicate things – but it’s difficult to accurately predict weight before birth.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Is your pet ready for you to have a baby?

Having a new baby is a huge, life-changing event for you and your furry companion. Make sure your dog is ready to welcome a new member to the family.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Helping siblings adjust to a new baby

Becoming a big brother/sister is exciting for a child, but also scary. Dr. Zink and a mom with experience share tips to help kids adjust to a new baby.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Can you turn a breech baby around?

Most babies naturally move out of breech position, but about 4 percent of babies won’t. Learn the methods you can try to turn them.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Our favorite things: Advice on gifts for parents-to-be

Trying to find the perfect gift for a parent-to-be? Physicians highlight the best gifts they received when they were expecting.

Your Pregnancy Matters

What does your baby’s Apgar score mean?

Life’s first test is given 1 minute after birth. But parents should remember a baby’s Apgar score only reflects that moment.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Feeling your baby move during pregnancy

Feeling your baby move is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. A UT Southwestern obstetrician outlines when and how pregnant women should feel fetal movements.

Your Pregnancy Matters

How to protect your newborn from falls

Infants falls in hospitals are on the rise due to an increase in newborns staying in their mothers’ hospital rooms. An obstetrician at UT Southwestern in Dallas explains how falls can be prevented.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Planning a ‘gender-reveal’ party? Some practical considerations

The popularity of gender-reveal parties has increased considerably in the past couple of years.