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Under pressure: How to use the new blood pressure guidelines

Learn what the new blood pressure guidelines mean for understanding and controlling your risk for heart and vascular conditions.

Homing in on Blood Pressure Monitoring

Monitoring your blood pressure at home can be an important way to track your heart’s health. Check out these tips to help ensure you’re getting an accurate reading.

5 tips for taking your blood pressure at home

Frustrated with high blood pressure readings at the doctor’s office? Dr. Reimold offers 5 tips for measuring blood pressure at home.

No pressure…but let's talk about blood pressure

High blood pressure can affect anyone, regardless of age. Now is the time to protect your heart with simple lifestyle changes and advice from your physician.

High blood pressure: Trial questions current standards

A landmark trial focused on lowering high-risk patients’ blood pressure was ended abruptly – with good reason! Dr. Hill explains.

Preeclampsia can strike suddenly during pregnancy

High blood pressure and protein in the urine during pregnancy could be signs of preeclampsia. Dr. Shivani Patel explains.

More salt or less – what to do?

If you have high blood pressure, is salt a villain? A UT Southwestern dietitian discusses the latest research on sodium in your diet.