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Beating the social, emotional side effects of HPV-related head and neck cancer treatment

HPV-related head and neck cancer is increasing among young adults, but traditional treatments can affect how patients look, talk, and even eat – huge factors on a first date. Find out how Baran Sumer, M.D., helps patients beat cancer and minimize socially awkward side effects.


Skin lymphoma: Rare cancer, strange symptoms, effective treatments

A rare form of lymphoma – skin lymphoma – can resemble rashes or even mushrooms on the skin. Most cases are very treatable with care from a lymphoma expert. Learn more.


Ovarian cancer: A step closer to demystifying early detection and prevention

Confirmed: Ovarian cancer begins in the fallopian tubes, not the ovaries. Discover how new research might be the key to overcoming barriers to early detection and prevention.


Patient benefits from neoadjuvant breast cancer clinical trials

Breast cancer clinical trials are not experiments. Rather, they are options for women with breast cancer to receive the gold standard of cancer care paired with advanced therapies that can greatly improve their outcomes.


Birth control and breast cancer: What’s the real risk?

Should women stop using hormonal birth control because of a slightly increased risk of breast cancer? Dr. Bruce Carr says no. Discover how to weigh the risks and benefits of these contraceptives and others.

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Immunotherapy for kidney cancer: Using the body as a weapon

Kidney cancer patients may see long-lasting tumor shrinkage with immunotherapy, which uses the immune system as a weapon to fight cancer. Learn more.


Cancer clinical trials open for participants

These and other trials offer access to treatment options that would otherwise be unavailable to patients in the region – including a new investigation on acute myeloid leukemia.


The truth about breast implant-related cancer risk

A rare breast implant-related cancer was covered by the New York Times in spring 2017. Dr. Kenkel explains the symptoms and who is at risk.


High-tech radiation oncology building opens its doors

For patients, the new facility on the UTSW campus will be an invaluable lifeline in their fight against cancer.


Cancer Clinical Trials

Select cancer clinical trials that are open and seeking participants.