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Why are we still in the middle of a ‘statins war’?

As medical journals and websites debate who should take statins and the severity of their side effects, Dr. Hill says not to forget that they save lives.

New drugs approved for lowering cholesterol – and the story has roots at UT Southwestern

Can inactivating genetic mutations actually help lower cholesterol and heart disease risk? Two geneticists are determined to find out.

A new way of looking at ‘good’ cholesterol

Knowing how your cholesterol functions can help doctors determine your heart disease risk. A UT Southwestern cardiologist uses a garbage truck analogy to explain “cholesterol efflux.”

New cholesterol-lowering drugs show promising results in trials

Clinical trials have shown promising results for a class of drugs that could dramatically lower cholesterol and, in turn, reduce the risk of heart disease.

New study suggests the lower your LDL cholesterol, the better

Statins may not be the only option for patients with high cholesterol. Dr. Joseph Hill shares his reaction to a new study.

New cholesterol guidelines … Here’s what you should know

Unless you’ve been stranded on an island for the last 40 years, you probably know that having high cholesterol is bad for you. But the tricky part is figuring out who really needs medication to treat it, which one you should use, and what dosage is appropriate.