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What moms should know about forceps and vacuum deliveries

When labor is not progressing, a physician may suggest using forceps or a vacuum to help baby along. Learn how these methods work and when they may be used.

What to bring to the hospital: Your delivery checklist

Use this printable hospital bag checklist to make sure you have everything you need for labor and delivery.

Emergency delivery: What to do when the baby’s coming – right now

Babies don’t wait when it’s time to deliver, no matter how far you are from the hospital. What to do if you’re faced with an unplanned home birth.

Five Babies in Five Minutes—A Quints Story

Photos and a behind-the-scenes look at the planning and protocol involved in delivering quintuplets via C-section.

Why episiotomy during labor can hurt more than help

Episiotomies used to be a routine part of labor and delivery. Why we rarely do them now, and how to potentially avoid the procedure.

5 exercises and techniques to train for childbirth

Pregnancy, labor, and delivery is like a marathon. It requires training. Our physical therapists discuss exercises to prepare the body.