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Debunked! 4 myths about electroconvulsive therapy for depression

Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is one of the most effective treatments for treatment-resistant depression, though misinformation abounds online. In this MedBlog, Kala Bailey, M.D., debunks ECT myths and describes an exciting new research study. Learn more.

Overcoming Treatment Resistant Depression

Imagine battling severe depression for decades with no treatment making a difference.

Treating postpartum depression with complementary or alternative medicine

Many patients wonder if there are “natural” treatments they can use to manage or prevent postpartum depression. Dr. Harrison looks at existing complementary and alternative medicines and explains the relative benefits, drawbacks, and why these therapies should be approached with caution.

Can we diagnose and treat depression faster?

Two new studies at UT Southwestern will help physicians find a way to diagnose and treat depression faster and more accurately.

Overcoming postpartum depression: Elaine’s story

Elaine Jacobson went through postpartum depression twice. She tells her story to encourage other women to seek support if they have symptoms.

‘Baby blues’ or postpartum depression?

After a baby is born, are you feeling blue, or is it postpartum depression? Two UT Southwestern doctors in Dallas talk about how to tell the difference.

Depression Study Seeks Path to Better Treatments

UT Southwestern is one of just four medical centers nationwide selected by the National Institute of Mental Health to conduct the EMBARC study, which hopes to identify biosignatures that are linked to effective treatments for depression.