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Diabetic foot ulcers: Surgery options to treat and prevent podiatric emergencies

For patients with diabetic foot ulcers, the UTSW Wound Care Clinic offers surgical options that can help promote faster healing and prevent future problems.

Time is tissue: Tips to manage and prevent chronic wounds and ulcers

Dr. Paul Kim shares his expertise on the common conditions that contribute to chronic wounds. Find out about the treatments that can improve your quality of life.

Can breastfeeding help prevent diabetes?

A new clinical trial will examine whether breastfeeding can help women reduce their risk for developing diabetes. Learn more and see how you or a loved one can participate.

Diabetes dilemma: The connection between diabetes and heart disease

Diabetes affects more than just blood sugar — it also endangers the heart. Dr. Hill shares how to reduce the risk by controlling diabetes.

Protecting teens and young adults from Type 2 diabetes

Texas exceeds the national average for diabetes rates in adults. What’s scary, though, is that it’s snowballing down to our kids. Dr. McGuire explains.