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Unmasking the mysteries of the flu (influenza)

Every year, flu season returns to spread viruses and stir up new and old controversies over topics like hand-washing, mask use, and the viability of the flu vaccine. Trish Perl, M.D., chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at UT Southwestern, unmasks some of the pervasive mysteries and myths about influenza.

The scoop on supplements: Will they help your cold or flu?

Dr. Zaiba Jetpuri talks about how supplements can be an excellent tool to fighting colds and flu, as long they’re used correctly, and with the right patient.

Flu shots and miscarriage: Let’s clear up misunderstandings

A 2017 study suggested that flu shots are associated with miscarriage. Why this is wrong, and why pregnant women need to be vaccinated.

One shot, two patients

Planning to skip a flu shot because you’re pregnant? Think again. Dr. Horsager strongly recommends getting a flu shot during your pregnancy to protect you and your baby.

4 foods to ease cold and flu symptoms

The flu and common cold make us feel crummy. But certain foods can help ease cold and flu symptoms. Our dietitian explains how diet affects the immune system.