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Population-based screening programs

Screening family histories to identify patients with Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer syndrome (HBOC) has recently been classified as a Tier 1 health application by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).


Reaching rural communities

In addition to seeing patients in person in the cancer center, UT Southwestern is seeking ways to expand beyond the boundaries of the cancer center to offer genetic counseling services to much of North Texas.


The future of genetic testing

Until recently, cancer genetic testing was based on inspection of a few genes.


Knowing your family history can save your life

Cancer has haunted Denise’s family for years. Learn how genetic testing helped save her life. Add your voice – #calloutcancer today.


Can a simple blood test reveal a serious heart condition?

Genetic testing allows UT Southwestern cardiologists to focus on patients' individual cardiovascular care.


Genetics and the heart: Using your family’s past to see into the future

Genetic testing reassures a woman she has not inherited her mother’s troublesome heart genes.


New genetic test for breast cancer may be unable to keep promises

The affordability of a new genetic test that analyzes specific genes to determine breast and ovarian cancer risk will result in more women getting tested, but will those results be accurate?

Your Pregnancy Matters

How the Down syndrome test works and tips for making your decision

Women who are pregnant have the option of having a test performed to assess the likelihood their baby has Down syndrome. Some struggle with whether to have the test.

Your Pregnancy Matters

3 things to know about Down syndrome and pregnancy

Doctors can use special testing to screen for and detect Down syndrome in a baby before he or she is born. Dr. Robyn Horsager explains the research that led to this advancement.