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The bitter truth: 25 cups of coffee a day might not be healthy

Is it safe to drink 25 cups of coffee a day like a 2019 study suggests? Wanpen Vongpatanasin, M.D., says probably not. Find out where the confusion comes from and what the experts say in this week’s MedBlog. Learn more.


Four people who should see a preventive cardiologist

Dr. Amit Khera discusses how people in these four categories can benefit most from preventive cardiology to lower cholesterol and reduce their risk of heart disease.


How a sleep apnea implant may lower your heart disease risk

Sleep apnea can raise the risk for heart disease. A new surgical implant may reduce that risk and treat sleep apnea without CPAP masks and hoses.


Diabetes dilemma: The connection between diabetes and heart disease

Diabetes affects more than just blood sugar — it also endangers the heart. Dr. Hill shares how to reduce the risk by controlling diabetes.


Why it’s time to care about the heart disease epidemic

Heart disease is a major health concern in North Texas and across the country. Learn the risks to have a heart-healthy 2016 and beyond.


How does Asian ancestry affect heart disease risk?

More and more people of South or East Asian ancestry are developing diabetes. Why is this happening, and what does it mean for their heart disease risk?


Common condition, rarely recognized: Peripheral artery disease

Heavy feeling in the legs? Tight calves? It may be peripheral artery disease.


Can I donate blood if I have heart disease?

Having a heart condition doesn’t necessarily exclude you from donating blood. Dr. Sulistio explains which heart patients can and can’t safely give blood.


Why do African-Americans face higher risk of heart disease?

Dr. Kami Banks discusses why African-Americans face a higher risk of heart disease, and how to lower that risk.


Mini heart pump makes high-risk stenting safer

Dr. Marso explains how the Impella 2.5, a miniature heart pump, makes stent and angioplasty procedures safer.