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Heart Month 2018: Derek Bernardi

Derek was born with Tetralogy of Fallot, a rare and complex congenital heart disease.

From heart disease to Hawaiian vacation: Susanne’s story

Just before her 71st birthday, Susanne Orman decided to get in shape for an upcoming Hawaiian vacation. But when she started to feel chest pain while walking, she knew something wasn’t right. Find out how following her instincts – and how two doctors’ expertise – saved her life.

No surprises along the way

“I needed a heart valve replacement,” Scott says. “And I probably would have put it off if I didn’t need the hip replacement; I’m really glad I went ahead with it.”

Heart Month 2018: Sandy & Brooks

Since Brooks Haley's first heart attack in 2010, all his wife, Sandy, has wanted was to make sure Brooks’s heart was as healthy as it could be.

Heart attack patient rebuilds his health: ‘I’m still running’

UT Southwestern cardiologist Benjamin Levine, M.D., helped 46-year-old pharmacist recover from his heart attack and return to running marathons.