Heart Month 2018: Sandy & Brooks

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Sandy & Brooks

When you hear “Valentine's Day,” you probably think of roses, chocolate, candlelit dinners, and making your partner's heart happy, in the romantic way. But what about making sure your partner's heart is physically healthy, too? Since Brooks Haley's first heart attack in 2010, that's all his wife, Sandy, has wanted – to make sure Brooks’s heart was as healthy as it could be. Difficult discussions were had, but after his second heart attack in 2014, they knew they needed to see "the guru heart failure doctor," UT Southwestern's Dr. Mark Drazner. Under his care, they were able to optimize Brooks's medical treatment with conventional methods of therapy and medicine, and after 18 months Brooks had regained his strength. "I was rolled in in a wheelchair, but now I've been up and active, walking more than a mile a day," Brooks says.

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