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A year in review: Top 5 Your Pregnancy Matters stories in 2021

Your Pregnancy Matters

From personal stories to pertinent recommendations, the Your Pregnancy Matters blog, spearheaded by Dr. Robyn Horsager, connects patients to advice and inspiration for a healthy pregnancy.

We introduced the Your Pregnancy Matters blog in 2015 to provide clinical and practical information about pregnancy-related topics. Connecting with patients and colleagues through our weekly articles has been a highlight for me every year since!

Some of our blog content comes from UT Southwestern Maternal-Fetal Medicine experts. But I’m lucky to also have non-obstetric colleagues in departments from Dermatology to Internal Medicine who are just as invested in providing high-quality insights for pregnant patients.

Together, we’ve published more than 300 stories that have helped patients who are trying to become pregnant, managing their health during pregnancy, and preparing for parenthood. This year alone, we’ve shared 40+ stories that have received nearly 10 million views!

Thank you for including us through the ups, downs, and downright strange stages of pregnancy. My colleagues and I actively seek new ways to make your experience better, and we are continually grateful and honored to help you expand and take care of your family.

As 2021 draws to a close, I’d like to highlight five impactful stories that demonstrate our breadth of expertise and the variety of topics patients want to learn more about.

1. 9 myths about epidurals – debunked

In February, a colleague asked me about epidural safety. She was concerned about the pain associated with labor and had heard from friends that getting an epidural was risky.

Many myths persist about who should and shouldn’t get an epidural – even though epidurals are one of the safest, most effective, and widely used forms of pain management for women in labor.

With the help of an anesthesiologist, we debunked the nine most common myths about epidurals. Read the story now.

2. 10 exercises you can do with your new baby

When you’re ready to resume exercise after giving birth, you don’t have to choose between dedicated time to work out and time spent with your baby.

From squats to a baby bench press, our physical therapists combined the two and shared 10 safe exercises you can do with your baby – complete with demonstration photos. Read the story.

3. Newborn care tips for parents with disabilities

The idea for this blog came at an opportune time. A nurse at another health care facility emailed me, asking for advice after reading a previous blog we published about a patient managing pregnancy with a disability.

Around the same time, a patient with limited mobility on her left side offered to share her story and provide specific advice based on her personal experiences. For newborn care tips, resources, and products designed for parents with disabilities, read her story.

4. Improving preeclampsia care

This article emphasizes the benefits of receiving care at academic medical centers such as UT Southwestern. Our researchers generate new findings, which may help us approach and solve real-world clinical problems. And our clinicians work to improve implementation of those evidence-based therapies.

In this story, Jamie Morgan, M.D., one of our frequent contributors, and I discuss ongoing efforts at UTSW to prevent preeclampsia – high blood pressure that develops during pregnancy – and provide better treatment options for patients when it does occur. Learn more.

5. COVID-19 and pregnancy: Facts and FAQs

A 2021 year-in-review piece wouldn’t be complete without discussing COVID-19. For the last two years, the respiratory virus has become one of the leading causes of maternal death in the U.S.

Your Pregnancy Matters has been a constant source of accurate, timely information to help patients make informed decisions – and hopefully reduce their stress. In 2021, we shared good news about COVID-19 vaccines during pregnancy and answers to frequently asked questions about COVID-19 vaccines for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

These were in addition to more than 10 blogs discussing pregnancy and the pandemic in 2020, from its toll on mental health to toy cleaning tips.

In 2022, we’ll continue to provide timely COVID-19 updates as needed, along with expert perspectives on caring for yourself and your baby through every joy and challenge of pregnancy.

Do you have a burning question you’d like answered? Or a great idea for a story? To inspire others facing similar pregnancy challenges or successes you’ve experienced, share your pregnancy story idea with us.

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