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Multidisciplinary Approach to Neuroblastoma Treatment

Neuroblastoma is a type of cancer that typically affects infants and young children. It’s the most common pediatric solid tumor that develops outside of the brain.

Neuroblastoma begins in early nerve cells, called neuroblasts, which can be found in many places in the body. The most common location is in the adrenal glands, which are located on top of the kidneys and produce important hormones. However, neuroblastoma can also start in the spinal cord, neck, chest, or abdomen.

UT Southwestern Pediatric Group’s cancer specialists are experts in treating childhood cancers such as neuroblastoma. We belong to the Children’s Oncology Group, a clinical trials organization that’s supported by the National Cancer Institute, as well as several other clinical trial consortiums. These relationships give us access to the latest treatments, information, and support from all over the world.

Through our partnership with Children’s Health, we’re among the country’s first 20 cancer programs to offer an advanced treatment for certain kinds of neuroblastoma. Metaiodobenzylguanidine (MIBG) is a compound used to provide targeted radiation therapy for tumors that recur or don’t respond to initial treatment.

Our skilled multidisciplinary team includes pediatric oncologists, pediatric surgeons, pediatric radiation oncologists, pediatric pathologists, and pediatric radiologists who are specially trained in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of childhood cancers – especially neuroblastoma.

Compassionate, Knowledgeable Care for Neuroblastoma

In addition to delivering the very best care to children with neuroblastoma today, we are leading the way in research that will help develop even more effective treatments tomorrow.

Our doctors are the only childhood neuroblastoma specialists in North Texas who are part of a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated comprehensive cancer center. NCI designation means we offer patients the ability to participate in the broadest possible range of clinical trials, giving children access to therapies that might not be available at other facilities.

Services We Provide for Neuroblastoma Patients

The UT Southwestern Pediatric Group oncologists provide care at Children’s Health facilities and, together, we are ranked as one of the nation’s top programs for children with cancer.

Highlights of the care we provide at UT Southwestern and Children’s Health include:

  • World-class diagnostic tools that enable us to make an accurate diagnosis and develop a treatment approach that matches an individual child’s needs
  • MIBG therapy, an advanced treatment for hard-to-treat neuroblastoma
  • Clinical research studies that might allow a child to have access to the newest treatment approaches

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