Pediatric Toxicology

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UT Southwestern Medical Center offers outpatient and inpatient consultation and treatment services for patients with exposure to various intoxicants and poisons. The medical center’s staff of experienced physicians provides the best in comprehensive, compassionate care for pediatric toxicology patients.

The pediatric toxicology program also includes the Lead Toxicity Clinic at Children's Medical Center Dallas. This clinic receives referrals from the Texas Department of Health, as well as from community physicians, when children are found to have elevated blood lead levels.

Lead Toxicity Clinic 

Services include:

  • Close coordination by our physicians with the primary physician and the health department to evaluate the home and work environments of the caregivers
  • Family education on the consequences of lead poisoning and the importance of avoiding the lead source
  • Medical treatment in the form of chelation, when necessary

Experienced treatment from UT Southwestern’s physicians, combined with state-of-the-art services, give pediatric toxicology patients the best in quality health care.

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