Our Stroke Outcomes

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Our team is skilled in achieving the best possible outcomes for each of our patients. Simply put, this information reflects our dedication to providing the highest level of care to treat all types of stroke, including those that are very complex.

These outcomes are a compilation of a wide range of information. For instance, did the patients survive their procedures or treatments? Were our patients satisfied with their care? Were there any complications as a result of their care? These key points reflect our abilities – as well as any other health care system – to produce the results that patients and health care providers should expect.

UT Southwestern Advanced Comprehensive Stroke Center 2019 Outcomes

What Was Measured? Results
Bleeding in the brain after receiving IV tPA for acute ischemic stroke 0 patients affected
Serious complications (stroke, death, or heart attack) after a carotid endarterectomy or carotid stenting procedure 1 patient affected
Patients in Neurosurgical ICU who developed ventilator-associated pneumonia or serious blood line infection 0 patients affected
Discharged home or to a rehabilitation facility 3 out of 4 patients
Received treatment for brain aneurysms during the last 20 years 6500 patients
Treated with IV tPA for acute ischemic stroke 60 patients

 UTSW had over 98 percent compliance with all AHA Stroke Measures in 2019.