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Bone Marrow Transplant (Stem Cell Transplant)

Taking aim at graft-versus-host disease after stem cell transplant

Chuck’s story: Adventure and advocacy years after historic stem cell transplant

A historic stem cell transplant at UT Southwestern Medical Center saved Chuck Dandridge's life. A decade later, he is advocating for more people to participate in bone marrow transplant clinical trials like he did.

Three parallel advances usher in new age of cardiac amyloidosis care

Cardiac amyloidosis was once considered untreatable. Now, we have effective treatments, less invasive diagnostic tests, and a growing body of research in this complex disease.

Multiple myeloma care: Taking CAR T-cell therapy for rare blood cancer to the next level

As new CAR T-cell therapies are being approved to treat certain cancers, Ankit Kansagra, M.D., explains how the UT Southwestern team is working to further revolutionize treatment for more cancer patients.

AL amyloidosis treatments offer patients hope and potentially a cure

A new, FDA-approved four-drug combo for AL amyloidosis is improving longevity and quality of life dramatically. Ankit Kansagra, M.D., discusses how the medication and a multidisciplinary team of experts can give patients longer, healthier lives.