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Cardiac Electrophysiology

Leadless dual-chamber pacemaker is a leap forward for heart patients

The dual chamber leadless pacemaker is the latest technology to help regulate the heartbeat. Learn how UT Southwestern's cardiologists help patients benefit from this new device.

Commotio cordis: NFL player’s collapse spotlights rare heart phenomenon

Commotio cordis is the rarest form of cardiac arrest – when a healthy heart is stopped by a blow to the chest in between heartbeats. Mark Link, M.D., the country's foremost expert on commotio cordis, explains how athletes can protect themselves from the risk.

Stereotactic radiation offers new hope for high-risk heart patients

UT Southwestern is the only center in North Texas offering cardiac radioablation, a novel therapy that uses focused stereotactic radiation to assist in cardiac ablation for high-risk patients.