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New mom survives SCAD heart attack, hole in her heart, 4 a.m. surgery

New mom Kelly Stebbins suffered a heart attack months after giving birth. She tells the gripping story of how her family’s advocacy – and an overnight, open heart surgery at UT Southwestern in Dallas – saved her life.

Aging; Prevention

Geriatrics COVE team makes house calls – and reduces readmissions

Seniors need better primary care access and fewer hospital readmissions. We target both concerns with COVE – our house call program that delivers precision medicine at home. Learn more.


Transradial angioplasty – a handy fix for blocked coronary arteries

Transradial angioplasty is a "handy" way to fix blocked heart arteries – by way of the wrist. It's safer than the standard approach for some patients. Dharam Kumbhani, M.D., Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Lab at UT Southwestern discusses the benefits and the procedure. Learn more.


Medication as effective as stents, bypass for treating blocked arteries, major study shows

A landmark study has confirmed that, in certain patients with chest pain and abnormal stress tests, drug therapy can be just as effective as bypass or stents to prevent heart attack. In this MedBlog, James De Lemos, M.D., discusses how the findings can help patients save time and money, plus reduce unnecessary risks.


Why daily aspirin therapy for heart disease might not be safe for everyone

A September 2018 study suggests that taking aspirin to lower the risk of heart disease might not be worth the risk of bleeding the drug carries for many people. Sharon Reimold, M.D., discusses what the study results mean for patients.


2018 cholesterol guidelines: 4 updates patients need to know

In November 2018, the national cholesterol treatment guidelines were updated for the first time in five years. Two esteemed physicians from UT Southwestern coauthored the guidelines, and in this week’s blog they discuss what the updates mean for patients.


How PCI stenting can reduce chest pain and heart attack damage – without surgery

Heart disease, and more specifically coronary artery disease, is common in the U.S. Learn how PCI can relieve chronic chest pain.