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Your Pregnancy Matters

Will my period change after pregnancy?

Learn what to expect before, during, and after your first postpartum menstrual cycle.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Why a scheduled C-section after 35 might be too risky

More women over 35 are choosing elective C-section, citing a desire to control the timing of their maternity leave. But 2019 research suggests the risks associated with C-section are double in this age group compared to vaginal delivery. Learn more in this week’s Your Pregnancy Matters MedBlog.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Latonya’s story, part one: Experiencing pregnancy from a wheelchair

Latonya Menefee is paralyzed, and she’s expecting her first child. Read her story, and learn how we tailor prenatal care to her unique needs.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Palliative care: Support for patients and families with difficult pregnancies and deliveries

The stress and uncertainty of having a very sick or premature infant is a health concern in and of itself. How palliative care can help families cope.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Should I have a transvaginal ultrasound to measure cervical length and help prevent preterm delivery?

Cervical length can help identify women at risk of preterm delivery, but the screening test to determine cervical length might not be worth the time, expense, or discomfort. Here’s why.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Worried about having a big baby? Four things to know about birth weight

Having a big baby can complicate things – but it’s difficult to accurately predict weight before birth.