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Susan Rodder, M.S.

Heart; Nutrition

5 foods rich in heart-healthy polyphenols

Research has indicated that foods such as chocolate, red wine, and olive oil, which are rich in natural chemical compounds called polyphenols, may offer protection from heart disease.


5 signs you’ve chosen the right multivitamin

Check these five guidelines before you buy a multivitamin. Learn what a good multivitamin can – and cannot – provide.


An avocado a day is good for your heart health

Avocados are fun to eat, nutritious, and heart-healthy. A UT Southwestern nutritionist in Dallas explains the benefits of this unique fruit and provides a healthy recipe.

COVID; Heart; Prevention

5 tips to keep Thanksgiving meals safe and satisfying

Thanksgiving is a holiday that often revolves around food and family – large portions of both. But that simply isn't prudent this year. UT Southwestern's Susan Rodder shares strategies to enjoy a safe and satisfying holiday, even during the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Beat the heat with heart-healthy cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon

Melon is a tasty, refreshing treat for summer. But it’s also great for weight management and heart health. Dietitian Susan Rodder explains.


Snack hack: Make healthy snacks work for you!

Some people get up to 25 percent of their daily calories from snacks! Dietitian Susan Rodder shares tips on healthy snacking as part of a balanced diet.


Can eating earlier in the day jumpstart weight loss?

Can eating earlier in the day be the key for fast, safe weight loss? Our dietitian says it may be, and shares other two more simple tips for losing weight.


More salt or less – what to do?

If you have high blood pressure, is salt a villain? A UT Southwestern dietitian discusses the latest research on sodium in your diet.


The Mediterranean diet shouldn't be Greek to your heart

Following the Mediterranean diet is heart-healthy. But what does that mean? A dietitian from UT Southwestern Medical Center explains.


Make time for breakfast – the day’s most important meal

A UT Southwestern dietitian provides tips for ensuring you don't skip breakfast.