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11 breast cancer types predict recurrence and might drive personalized treatment

Breast cancer researchers might be a step closer to personalized treatment – and predicting recurrence risk. In this week’s MedBlog, Sangeetha Reddy, M.D., M.S.C.I., discusses today’s advanced treatment and how the study might shape patient care in the next decade. Learn more.

Perspectives 75: Misti

After finding a lump in her breast, Misti was diagnosed with stage 2 invasive ductal carcinoma with lobular features.

Introducing a new, faster treatment for early-stage breast cancer

Before she was diagnosed with Stage One breast cancer, Leslie LeBlanc was a busy working mom. Thanks to a new type of radiation therapy, she was able to get the treatment she needed without missing a beat.

3 moms who survived cancer: A Mother’s Day collage

Kids have a way of becoming their parents’ world, even if a parent has cancer. These 3 moms survived cancer to feel well again and be there for their families.

Heart-saving techniques during breast cancer treatment

As breast cancer treatment improves, so does the effort to protect survivors’ hearts. Dr. Rahimi explains how we protect the heart during cancer treatment.


Women with mutations in the HBOC genes or the Lynch syndrome genes are at an increased lifetime risk for ovarian and fallopian tube cancer.

Finding a new ‘normal’

Breast cancer survivor Brianna Hinojosa-Flores reflects on life after treatment and being “part of a club we did not ask to join." Dr. James Willson explains why where you first seek cancer care is important. Add your voice –#CallOutCancer today.

Breast cancer at age 90: Making the choice to fight

Dr. Tonelli was diagnosed with breast cancer in her nineties. Learn why she made the choice to fight.

Personalized treatment is key for Stage 0 breast cancer

Should we treat Stage 0 breast cancer? It’s a controversial topic among physicians and patients alike. Four of our breast cancer specialists weigh in.

What are the options for breast reconstruction after cancer?

Breast reconstruction is an option after cancer surgery or preventative mastectomies. A UT Southwestern doctor discusses the latest options.

What men need to know about male breast cancer

Women aren’t the only ones at risk for breast cancer. Dr. Evans says male breast cancer is rare, but men should be aware of the risk. #CallOutCancer today.

Putting the heart first in breast cancer chemotherapy

Chemotherapy and radiation are effective breast cancer treatments. But rarely, these treatments can affect the function of the heart. Add your voice – #calloutcancer today.

Getting your life back: Rehabilitation after breast cancer

Breast cancer survivors often want to get back to their regular activities right away. Dr. Barker explains how breast cancer rehabilitation can help. Add your voice – #calloutcancer today.

Different tests for different breasts

Women with high breast density are four to six times more likely to develop breast cancer than women with low breast density. But do these women need more tests in addition to their mammograms?