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C-section knowledge is power: Benefits of new patient education and surgery protocols

Patient education is a main component of enhanced recovery after cesarean section. Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocols can improve recovery and the patient experience. Talk with your doctor about what to expect with a planned or unplanned C-section. Learn more.

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Five Babies in Five Minutes—A Quints Story

Photos and a behind-the-scenes look at the planning and protocol involved in delivering quintuplets via C-section.

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Why you should ask about your hospital’s C-section rate

One out of three babies are born by C-section. Dr. Horsager discusses what doctors, hospitals, and patients can do to lower C-section rates.

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Vaginal seeding: Why we can’t recommend this C-section trend

Babies delivered by C-section miss out on exposure to important bacteria. Dr. Patel examines ways to safely help babies develop their microbiome after birth.

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‘Gentle C-sections’: Bringing a traditional birth experience to the OR

In a “gentle C-section,” elements of a vaginal birth are brought into the OR, including being able to watch the birth and immediate skin-to-skin contact.