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How the eyes and pupils provide clues to brain health after stroke – and maybe after concussion

After a stroke, concussion, or brain injury, the eyes provide clues about a patient’s brain health. In this week’s blog, Hunt Batjer, M.D., discusses how new technology helps doctors detect changes in brain functioning – and how coaches might soon be able to use pupillometry to detect concussion. Learn more.

A blood test for concussion? Not exactly.

A new device approved by the FDA is being portrayed as a “concussion blood test,” but that’s not exactly the case. Discover the facts about the test and how it might be used to help identify more serious or complicated traumatic brain injuries – but not concussions.

Raising the Conversation on Concussions in Women's Soccer

Experts with UT Southwestern's Peter O'Donnell Jr. Brain Institute are educating young athletes about concussion warning signs to make the field of play the safest it can be.

When should a student-athlete see a doctor for a concussion?

It’s terrifying when a student-athlete gets a concussion. Usually, these kids recover fine. But when should an athlete see a doctor for concussion symptoms?

Long-term concussion symptoms: What’s my child’s risk?

The movie “Concussion” has many parents worried about the long-term effects of concussions. Should parents pull their kids out of sports? What’s the real risk?

New clinic dedicated to concussive injury recovery, education

Whether they are mild, moderate, or severe, concussions disrupt how the neurological system functions. A new clinic at UT Southwestern—dedicated to diagnosing and treating concussive injuries—is built on the latest science about the brain, how injuries affect it, and which treatment strategies are most effective.

Why are concussions different for veterans?

Military veterans commonly suffer “invisible” injuries to the brain that can have serious, long-lasting ramifications if left untreated.

What is a complex concussion, and how fast do you recover?

Concussion symptoms can vary, depending on whether it is a mild concussion or a complex concussion. Dr. Christine Johnson explains.