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How doctors squeeze in exercise, and how you can, too

Doctors aren’t immune to letting life get in the way of staying physically active. Dr. Levine discusses how he works exercise into his daily routine.


Running marathons at 74? How exercise keeps the heart young

Dallas marathoner Rio King is still running strong in his 70s. Learn how exercise can keep your heart young and fit as you age.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Lifting and work restrictions during pregnancy: Talk it over with your doctor

How much should work and activities such as lifting or standing really be limited during pregnancy?

Your Pregnancy Matters

5 Exercises to Train for Childbirth

Five exercises and techniques you can use to prepare your body for labor and delivery.


Why exercise beats bed rest for pulmonary hypertension patients

Rest is great for many conditions, but when it comes to pulmonary hypertension, exercise is important for recovery.

Your Pregnancy Matters

You can exercise while pregnant – start now!

Not physically active before pregnancy? New recommendations show there may be no better time to start exercising.


If you exercise, you may be fitter than you think

Dr. Berry’s cardiovascular team has completed a study that suggests doctors should expand the standard definition of improved fitness for patients with diabetes.


Can doubling exercise reduce heart failure risk?

New research suggests 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week may not be enough to prevent chronic heart failure.


Is extreme exercise – like endurance swimming – bad for your heart?

Ben Lecomte is attempting to swim across the Pacific Ocean. Our cardiology team will be monitoring his heart from the first plunge to the final paddle.


3 ways to shake up your fitness routine

Are you bored with your exercise routine? Dr. Coyner offers three easy tips for shaking up a stale workout plan.