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The GI genetics clinic and population-based screening for Lynch syndrome

The UT Southwestern Cancer Genetics Program, in partnership with the Division of Digestive and Liver Diseases, provides specialized care for patients with high-risk gastrointestinal malignancies.


A look at how ‘sleep genes’ may affect our circadian rhythms

A study about “sleep genes” in mice might explain why we need sleep, and how we may be able to treat sleep disorders in the future.


Cancer genetics introduction

Much of the future of cancer care is in our genes.


Cancer genetics program overview

All cancer is genetic, but not all cancer is inherited.


Genetic counseling

Understanding the complexity of genetic and genomic testing can be daunting for patients.



Women with mutations in the HBOC genes or the Lynch syndrome genes are at an increased lifetime risk for ovarian and fallopian tube cancer.


Helping different patients make difficult cancer genetic decisions

Recently, Angelina Jolie informed the world through two New York Times opinion articles that she had her breasts and ovaries removed after learning she had a BRCA1 mutation.


Molecular genetics tumor board

The purpose of the tumor board is to provide a multidisciplinary review of somatic (tumor) testing for the purposes of clarifying the potential implications of a patient’s results.


Patient experience in the cancer genetics clinic and beyond

An important piece of our program is the involvement of the Cancer Genetics team with the cancer support community and general patient education.


Pediatric cancer genetics program with Children's Medical Center

The Cancer Genetics program works closely with pediatric oncologists at Children’s Health to provide cancer genetics services to pediatric patients in Dallas.