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Stop the kidney stone madness

Let’s talk about what kidney stones are and why the recurrence rate is so high. Then I’ll let you know about the research my team is doing to try to bring this recurrence number down.

North Texan Donates a Kidney to Save a Stranger

An anonymous living donor gives part of herself to save a stranger.

What potential donors need to know about living kidney donation

Selena Gomez’s lifesaving kidney transplant put organ donation in the spotlight. How we select donors, and answers to FAQs about benefits and risks.

How we’re using high-dose radiation therapy to treat kidney cancer

Kidney cancer often doesn’t respond well to conventional radiation therapies, but a certain type of high-dose radiation therapy is proving effective.

Why we use robotic surgery to treat large kidney cancer tumors

Large kidney tumors or those starting to spread can put patients’ lives at risk. Learn about robotic surgery for kidney cancer and when we recommend it.

Why kidney cancer doesn’t always need treatment

Not every kidney tumor needs treatment right away, if at all. Learn about active monitoring of early-stage kidney cancer and when we recommend it.

New clinic for kidney disease offers specialized, comprehensive care

Designed specifically to serve patients with polycystic kidney disease, the clinic also is a resource for regional nephrologists.

Kidney Donation Provides Second Chance at Life

This special friendship and a partnership between UT Southwestern and UMC Health System dovetailed in 2016 when Jamie learned she needed a kidney transplant.

Organ donation – the gift of life

Melissa Robinson gave one of her kidneys to her friend, Dewayne Dunning. A doctor at UT Southwestern in Dallas talks about the advantages of having a living organ donor for such transplants.

This Underused Dialysis Treatment Offers Quality of Life and Mobility

Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) treatment offers patients a better quality of life, according to Dr. Remesh Saxena.