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Why telemedicine may have a role in pregnancy care in Texas

Pregnant women in rural Texas often have limited access to specialty care. Find out how telemedicine programs can revolutionize pregnancy care, and share your own ideas for bringing telemedicine to the maternal-fetal medicine program.

Dr. Horsager’s top five pregnancy stories of 2017

Happy New Year! Enjoy Dr. Horsager’s recap of her favorite 2017 Your Pregnancy Matters blog stories in this end-of-year review.

‘My dog saved my life’: How Madelyn has survived ovarian cancer for 10 years

UT Southwestern patient, Madelyn, shares how her dog prompted her to see the doctor that diagnosed her with ovarian cancer.

One shot, two patients

Planning to skip a flu shot because you’re pregnant? Think again. Dr. Horsager strongly recommends getting a flu shot during your pregnancy to protect you and your baby.

Bleeding after menopause: It’s not normal

Dr. Carlson discusses why women shouldn’t ignore postmenopausal bleeding and should see a gynecologic oncologist if cancer is the cause.

Why to avoid ‘keepsake’ 3-D and 4-D ultrasounds

It may be tempting to get a commercial 3-D or 4-D ultrasound photo. Dr. Horsager discusses her concerns with “keepsake” ultrasounds.

3 steps to turn your preferences into a birth plan

Dr. Duryea suggests thinking about a “birth plan” as “birth preferences.” How to go about developing them and why communication with your doctor is key.

Donor breast milk giving preemies an early boost in life

Premature babies benefit the most from breast milk. Learn how we use donor breast milk, and why not to buy it on the internet.

Asking your Ob/Gyn "Why?" is not just OK, but good medicine

More care is not always better care during pregnancy. Dr. Horsager discusses why it’s important to ask the Ob/Gyn “Why?”

4 tips for choosing an Ob/Gyn

When choosing an Ob/Gyn, ask friends and family for recommendations, but don’t stop there. Dr. Horsager offers suggestions on what to look for in an Ob/Gyn.

7 tips for planning a relaxing, healthy babymoon

A babymoon can be a great way to bond with your partner and relax before a new baby arrives. Here are seven tips for enjoying a safe, relaxing trip.

Preeclampsia can strike suddenly during pregnancy

High blood pressure and protein in the urine during pregnancy could be signs of preeclampsia. Dr. Shivani Patel explains.

Why you should consider an academic medical center for your Ob/Gyn care

When choosing Ob/Gyn care for your pregnancy, the expertise and resources of an academic medical center help handle complications and promote a happy delivery.