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Stereotactic radiation offers new hope for high-risk heart patients

UT Southwestern is the only center in North Texas offering cardiac radioablation, a novel therapy that uses focused stereotactic radiation to assist in cardiac ablation for high-risk patients.

Rocket science: How the NASA Twins Study launched a novel radiation protection therapy

Patients will go to the ends of the earth to get the best cancer care, and we’re taking our research even further – into space. In partnership with NASA, UT Southwestern researcher Jerry Shay, Ph.D., is using data from the NASA Twins Study to develop a new drug to reduce cancer radiotherapy side effects.

How we’re using high-dose radiation therapy to treat kidney cancer

Kidney cancer often doesn’t respond well to conventional radiation therapies, but a certain type of high-dose radiation therapy is proving effective.

A new chapter in radiation oncology

A new, state-of-the-art, patient-friendly building on UT Southwestern’s east campus is the largest individual facility for radiation oncology in North Texas and the most comprehensive.

Putting the heart first in breast cancer chemotherapy

Chemotherapy and radiation are effective breast cancer treatments. But rarely, these treatments can affect the function of the heart. Add your voice – #calloutcancer today.

Facing radiation without fear

Radiation therapy can save the lives of cancer patients. A UT Southwestern radiation oncologist in Dallas talks about the therapy and clears up some misconceptions

Radiation therapy, at age 100, keeps getting better

Radiation therapy has been used to fight cancer for more than 100 years. An oncologist at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas explains its history and its future.