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Your Pregnancy Matters

6 pregnancy ultrasound exams you might not need

Ultrasound technology can be invaluable in pregnancy. But sometimes, the risks of certain exams outweigh the benefits. Get insights about 6 exams you might not need – and questions to ask your doctor – in this Your Pregnancy Matters blog with Robyn Horsager-Boehrer, M.D.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Helping you understand scary (but often harmless) pregnancy ultrasound findings

Dr. Horsager explains three pregnancy ultrasound findings that seem scary but typically are harmless.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Challenges faced with prenatal ultrasound

Recently, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel shared the moving story of his son’s birth. Dr. Horsager reflects on why an ultrasound didn’t detect his son’s congenital heart defect before birth.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Should I have a transvaginal ultrasound to measure cervical length and help prevent preterm delivery?

Cervical length can help identify women at risk of preterm delivery, but the screening test to determine cervical length might not be worth the time, expense, or discomfort. Here’s why.

Your Pregnancy Matters

Why to avoid ‘keepsake’ 3-D and 4-D ultrasounds

It may be tempting to get a commercial 3-D or 4-D ultrasound photo. Dr. Horsager discusses her concerns with “keepsake” ultrasounds.

Your Pregnancy Matters

4 things to consider before inviting guests to a baby’s ultrasound

It’s become more common to invite family and friends to a baby’s ultrasound. Consider these questions first.

Your Pregnancy Matters

A head-to-toe tour of your baby’s ultrasound

The 18- to 20-week ultrasound is more than a chance to find out the baby’s gender. Learn what we look for in this head-to-toe ultrasound video tour.