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TMJ, Facial Pain, and Nerve Injury

Improving smiles with a new surgical technique to treat facial synkinesis

Discover a groundbreaking technique to transform smiles for patients with synkinesis, a painful condition that causes uneven smiling and involuntary scrunching.

Restoring sensation and function with peripheral nerve surgery

Damage to one of our 100s of peripheral nerves in the arms, legs, torso, or even face can cause neuropathy, pain, or paralysis. Jonathan Cheng, M.D., describes intricate surgeries that can restore function.

What's causing ‘electric’ facial pain? It might be trigeminal nerve damage

Trigeminal neuropathy and neuralgia can cause shock-like, debilitating facial pain. But with a precise diagnosis, significant pain relief is possible.

Dental implants: A 5-step plan to restoring your teeth

Dental implants can help you talk, eat, and socialize more confidently. Rawle Philbert, D.D.S., discusses five steps to getting a healthy smile for life.

How Susan got her smile back: A journey overcoming facial paralysis

Facial expressions tell the world who we are and help us communicate with our surroundings. When facial paralysis stole Susan's smile, she turned to Shai Rozen, M.D., to get it back.