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Wanpen Vongpatanasin, M.D.

The bitter truth: 25 cups of coffee a day might not be healthy

Is it safe to drink 25 cups of coffee a day like a 2019 study suggests? Wanpen Vongpatanasin, M.D., says probably not. Find out where the confusion comes from and what the experts say in this week’s MedBlog. Learn more.

Under pressure: How to use the new blood pressure guidelines

Learn what the new blood pressure guidelines mean for understanding and controlling your risk for heart and vascular conditions.

Should you eat less sodium? The answer is – it depends

The debate continues – is sodium harmless or bad for us? Hypertension specialist Dr. Vongpatanasin says the answer is clear, but it isn’t one size fits all.

No pressure…but let's talk about blood pressure

High blood pressure can affect anyone, regardless of age. Now is the time to protect your heart with simple lifestyle changes and advice from your physician.