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UT Southwestern’s patient care app – UTSWMyCare – helps you easily manage your health and stay connected to UTSW and your provider, all in a secure and safe environment.

UTSWMyCare is all about your care. With the UTSWMyCare app you can quickly and conveniently:

  • Find a physician
  • Access your medical records
  • Get lab results
  • Request prescription refills
  • Message your provider
  • Schedule appointments
  • Video visit with your provider
  • Navigate to your appointment through wayfinding
  • Access shuttle and ride-share services
  • And more

Our streamlined app delivers the exceptional experience UT Southwestern is known for, elevated to another level. It’s medicine made easier.

Take a video tour of our UTSWMyCare App to learn more.

Special Features Unique to the UTSWMyCare App

To make your experience with UT Southwestern even more convenient, and consistent with our reputation for innovation, we’ve added three distinguishing features to the UTSWMyCare app that are not typically found on other health system apps.

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Streamlined video visits

You can use UTSWMyCare for every aspect of your video visit with a UTSW provider: Seamlessly check in for your appointment, visit with your provider, and complete follow-up scheduling if needed – all in the app. Have your visit from home, your office, or wherever you may be.

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Wayfinding assistance

If your visit is in person on our campus, UTSWMyCare has a navigation feature that offers turn-by-turn visual directions from the parking garage to the front desk of your doctor’s office and back to your parking spot. You can also navigate from your appointment to imaging services and labs on campus and find dining and guest services options near you.

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Shuttle and ride-share services

For those who prefer a ride-sharing service rather than driving to their appointment, Uber and Lyft can be accessed within the app to request a ride to any UT Southwestern location. Intra-campus shuttle routes are also displayed on the app to help you get to any other appointments while on campus.

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Simple, Convenient, and Always Available

UTSWMyCare is simple to use, highly convenient, and always available. With the app, you have 24/7 access to the resources you need to manage your health – all in one place and all accessible with your smartphone.

Simply put, UTSWMyCare is your launching point for nearly everything you need to interact and engage with UT Southwestern on your journey to good health.

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Connected to MyChart, Too

MyChart – our electronic patient portal – is included in the UTSWMyCare app, so all the things you normally do on MyChart can be done through UTSWMyCare, too. Access your records, schedule appointments, request prescription refills, pay your bill, and more.

The choice is yours on how you want to engage with us and manage your health.

Your Health – and More

Along with convenient access to all things related to your health, you can use UTSWMyCare to:

  • Stay connected to UT Southwestern’s social media platforms
  • Keep track of UT Southwestern activities with news and alerts
  • Find phone contacts for people and facilities at UT Southwestern

UTSWMyCare puts the region’s #1 hospital and one of the nation’s top academic medical centers always within your reach – and at your service.

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Download the App

UTSWMyCare is your convenient, one-stop, accessible, connected, on-the-go health resource.

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