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What Is MyChart Proxy?

MyChart Proxy is a way to access information as a proxy (or representative) for a patient through UT Southwestern's secure online health management tool called MyChart. An individual who has MyChart Proxy access to a patient’s MyChart account will be able to access all data available through that patient’s MyChart account, as a “proxy” for that account. As an intermediary or stand-in for the patient, the proxy will also be able to use the patient’s MyChart account to make appointments, request prescription refills, access billing and insurance information, and privately communicate with the patient’s medical practitioner.

What Are My Options?

MyChart Proxy access can be requested electronically in MyChart or by submitting a paper form. Parents or legal representatives who wish to obtain MyChart Proxy privileges for minors or adults must have a UTSW MyChart account in order to complete MyChart Proxy Access electronically. Requests can also be completed via a paper form provided by the patient’s clinic.

For Adult-to-Adult MyChart Proxy access, both the patient and the proxy must have MyChart accounts. If the proxy does not have an established UTSW MyChart account, one would need to be created before accepting the patient’s proxy access invitation. Requests will be processed electronically and routed to the HIM-EMPI Department for review if there are any issues.

For Adult-to-Minor or -Incapacitated Adult MyChart Proxy access, both patient and proxy must have MyChart accounts. Requests for minors and incapacitated adults will be routed directly to the HIM-EMPI Department for review and processed within three business days, or we will contact you for additional information.

Acceptable methods of submission are:

Electronic Submissions (Preferred)

A. For Adult-to-Adult proxy access:

  • The patient will log in to their MyChart account.
  • Select “Menu.”
  • Select Proxy Invite under the blue “Sharing” header.
  • Select Invite Someone located under “Who Can See My Record?”
  • Fill out the required proxy information on the form.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and select Send Invite.
  • An invitation email will be sent to the proxy email account from the UTSW MyChart email.
  • If the proxy has a UTSW MyChart account, they will accept the invitation, enter the patient’s date of birth as verification, and receive access to patient’s UTSW MyChart.
  • If the proxy does not have a UTSW MyChart account, they will first need to click on the “Sign up now” link and follow the instructions to create their own UTSW MyChart account.
  • Once the MyChart account is set up, proxy will return back to the invitation email, click on “Sign In to MyChart” link.
  • Enter the patient’s date of birth for verification, and then proxy will receive access to the patient’s UTSW MyChart account.

B. For Adult-to-Minor or -Incapacitated Adult Proxy access:

  • The parent or legal representative will log in to their MyChart account.
  • Select “Menu.”
  • Select Proxy Invite under the blue “Sharing” header.
  • Select Request Proxy Access to request proxy access for a minor or incapacitated adult.
  • Fill out the requested patient information.
  • Certify that you have the legal right to the minor or incapacitated adult’s medical information and select Submit Request.

Paper Submissions

  • For paper submissions, the patient, parent, spouse, or legal representative must complete, sign, and return the form to the clinic.
  • Patients can download the form here:
  • The HIM-EMPI Department will process paper submissions within 3 business days if no additional information is required.
  • If additional information is required, the HIM-EMPI Department will collaborate with the patient, parent, spouse, legal representative, and/or the clinic as appropriate.

How to Contact Us?

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