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EpicCare Link is a web-based application that UT Southwestern uses to grant access to referring providers. 

EpicCare Link provides secure access to select patient information in UT Southwestern's instance of Epic data repository.

EpicCare Link is free for referring providers to access and use after an agreement is signed.

Referring providers can stay up to date on their patients' care by logging in to see:

  • Ambulatory visits
  • Appointment encounters
  • Appointment notes
  • Chart review
  • Discharge summaries
  • Hospital admissions
  • Lab, imaging, and test results
  • Orders placed by UT Southwestern physicians

Request Access

Each referring organization must submit a request to obtain access. Please allow 15 business days for processing.

Request Access

Access EpicCare Link

Each referring organization can log in here to access their UTSW EpicCare Link account.

EpicCare Link Login

Request New Access

The steps to request access to the UT Southwestern EpicCare Link portal are outlined below.

Each EpicCare Link organization must submit a separate request for access. Please allow 15 business days from date of submission for processing.

Step 1

Download and complete each of the following documents. Information provided on these forms MUST be typed and not handwritten.

Site Agreement

Client-User Account and Provider Records List


Does my provider or practice need to be credentialed with UTSW for an EpicCare Link account?

No, your practice or provider doesn't need to be credentialed with UTSW for an EpicCare Link account. EpicCare Link is a service provided to any practice that refers its patients to UTSW.

If my practice has multiple sites, should each site request access or just one?

If your practice has multiple sites, only the person who is submitting the request should be the site administrator. The site administrator is typically the point of contact for any needs of the EpicCare Link account. He/she lists all users and locations within the access submission. This will ensure one account/contract with all users and locations.

What clinical role has access to EpicCare Link? What indicates each role?

Request access for a new provider (M.D., D.O., PA, NP, midwife, etc.).

Clinical Staff
Request access for a new clinical staff member (clinic nurse, clinic manager, etc.).

Request access for a user that does not fit into the other categories, for instance a biller, insurance auditor, regulatory agents, secretary, or other non-clinician.

What is the role of the site administrator?

The site administrator is typically the contact person for the requesting practice. This person sends and receives all important information regarding a site’s portal and access.

How do I add existing users to my EpicCare Link account?

Please refer to the Requesting New Accounts tipsheet for this information.

How long does it take to get an account and gain access?

It typically takes about 15 business days to submit and gain access to a new user account. If there are any delays, the service team will reach out to the site administrator who submitted the request.

Once an account is submitted, what happens next?

UTSW will review your request and begin to build your portal. If the service team has any questions, they will reach out via email or phone to the contact listed on the request form.

Can I share my EpicCare Link username and password with someone else?

If you have access to EpicCare Link as part of your job, it is so you can perform your duties in support of caring for patients. When you agree to the terms and conditions of EpicCare Link, you agree to keep this information private and not allow anyone else to use it. You are responsible for any activity that occurs using your username and password. Even if you are called away from your computer and someone else is active with this information, you are responsible.

When does my EpicCare Link account deactivate?

If a site has not utilized its EpicCare Link account within six months, a communication will be sent to the site administrator before the account is deactivated.

Who should I contact for any technical issues with EpicCare Link?

Please contact the support team at 214-648-7600 or for questions regarding technical issues.

I don’t see my problem or issue – who should I contact?

If the website resources, tipsheet guides, and/or FAQs do not provide the answers you seek, please contact the EpicCare Link support team at or 214-648-7600.

EpicCare Link Tipsheets

The UT Southwestern EpicCare Link team has developed tipsheets that include step-by-step instructions to help users navigate through common platform features and tools. A few sample tip sheets include how to reset passwords, add new/deactivate users, search for patients, and more. If additional help is needed or you have questions, please reach out to the technical support team listed below.

View Tipsheets

EpicCare Link Support

Phone: 214-648-7600

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