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The UT Southwestern EpicCare Link team has developed tipsheets that include step-by-step instructions to help users navigate through common platform features and tools. The downloadable tipsheets below show how to reset passwords, add new/deactivate users, search for patients, and more. If additional help is needed or if you have questions, please reach out to the technical support team listed below.

Requesting New Accounts
EpicCare Link site administrators are responsible for managing users within their account. This tipsheet explains how to request new user accounts to an existing user's access. Users for this account creation include providers, clinical staff, and non-clinicians.

Reset Passwords
This tipsheet explains the steps for an EpicCare Link user who is having trouble logging in to EpicCare Link or forgets their password. Reach out to your site administrator if you need to reset the password.

Reset 2FA Settings
If an EpicCare Link user has trouble receiving Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) login security codes to log in to EpicCare Link, he or she should reach out to the site administrator to reset their 2FA settings. This tipsheet will show you the authentication steps to reset the user settings.

Deactivating Users
Site administrators should routinely review existing EpicCare Link users in their group(s) to ensure that only those who are current and active retain access. The tipsheet below shows how to deactivate users that no longer need access to your EpicCare Link account.

EpicCare Link Support

Phone: 214-648-7600