Genetics and Hereditary Cancers

Genetic Screening and Navigation Toolkit

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Genetic testing has a growing presence in the arena of precision medicine, with the potential to significantly impact patient care. Genetic testing for hereditary cancer can determine if a cancer patient qualifies for certain therapeutic treatments such as immunotherapy or PARP inhibitors, or if an individual should consider prophylactic surgery and/or increased cancer surveillance to reduce the risk of developing cancer. However, there is room for improvement in identification of high-risk populations, as well as increasing access to genetics services (genetic counseling and genetic testing). 

This toolkit provides educational resources for clinicians and patients to increase awareness of hereditary cancer, as well as implementation resources for increasing identification of patients with hereditary cancer and improving access to genetics services. Resources in the toolkit can be used based on individual clinician or institution needs.

The toolkit will continue to be compiled and updated over time. 

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Last updated October 2020